Hey Sofia!

Inför den allsvenska premiären har vi intervjuat tio supporterprofiler om deras tankar och förväntningar. Vi kommer att publicera en intervju per dag. Näst på tur ut är Sofia Carvalho, kock på A-Mano.

Hey Sofia! How have you been during winter when you haven’t been able to go to see ÖSK? What have you been up to?

During the winter I’ve joined the gym right next to the arena so I wouldn’t miss it too much. Also I’ve been following the games of my team back home: Benfica.

Could you tell us about how you became an ÖSK supporter?

I became a supporter when some really good friends (daring to call them family) told me about it and as a person living and working in Örebro it was nothing but my duty to support the local team.

The premier game against Jönköping Södra is coming closer and soon we’ll go to Eskilstuna for the first away game. What to you think about the first couple of games?

The first couple of games are a good preview of what the season will become. The wins in the first couple of games will boost the energy and the motivation for the season.

What are your expectactions for the upcoming season?

I’m expecting the team to be the best it can be. Each game better than the one before!

Which player do you think will have his breakthrough during the season?

Filip Rogic will have an amazing year. I like how he seems to have the need to improve every interaction he has with the ball.

There was a record number of season tickets for the standing section Västra stå last year. What are your expactations of the atmosphere in the stadium?

I’m expecting for the atmosphere to be as big and as loud as we can be. And maybe this year we can break that record again.

Lastly, do you have any greetings to the supporters reading this interview?

See you at Vallen!

Vi tackar Sofia för att hon ställt upp på intervjun. Under morgondagen publiceras en ny intervju på hemsidan. Håll till godo till dess.


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